When God created humanity, he hardwired us to live in community.  We live, laugh, struggle, raise our kids, and work in community every day.  When God established the church, he also hardwired community into the core of its being.  

From the very beginning, Christians have been gathering together not only in larger gatherings on Sunday, but day to day during the week in smaller groups in homes to pray, share common meals, learn wisdom from God's word, and welcome new believers to the Christian community.  (see Acts 2:42-47)

Just as in those early days, we are committed to living out our faith by coming together in our homes and building each other up.  These groups are not closed cliques, but open gatherings where all are welcome, young and old, still seeking and questioning, new to the faith, or long-time followers of Jesus.  

If you would like to visit one of our weekly bible studies, please email or call 833-0208 and we'll be glad to let you know the most up-to-date information on meeting times and places.